Deconstruction of the epic cultural code in the short story by Kaimi Derviš Sušić


  • Azra Ičanović Pedagogical faculty, University of Bihac


absolute past, epic cultural code, identity, interspace


Starting from the thesis that the epic cultural code throughout the history of B&H was one of the key factors in the re/construction of national/ ethnic identities in Bosnia, the paper, aimed at pointing to the poetic and ideological revolution of Bosnian literature of the second half of the XX century, analyzes the process of deconstruction of epic cultural code in story „Kaimija“ by Derviš Sušić. The paper concludes that the deconstruction of the epic cultural code and the erosion of the epic world begins within that world in the moment when Tale Ličanin enters it, whose character Derviš Sušić used in his story to oppose the monumental concept of history and the figure of the epic hero with a dialectical and activist view of the past and the socially conscious character of the hybrid (cultural) identity