Rhizom, contingency and narration: Magical realism in the novel Ida and assassini of the order of havani humming bird by Seida Beganović


  • Amina Bulić Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo


magical realism, rhizome, narration, contingency


This paper seeks to analyze the elements of magical realism and modes of functioning of narrative elements in the novel Ida and the Assassins of the Order of the Havan Hummingbird by the author Seida Beganović, pointing to its rhizom nature. We explain the specificity of the novel‘s temporal composition, motivation and the nature of its narration by bringing it into dialogue with the theoretical and philosophical reflections on literature of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, striving to read it through concepts such as rhizome, difference, repetition, nomadism, territorialization, deterritorialization and minor literature. The main aim is finding a mode of interpretation as well as to shed a light on the complexity of the interpretation process and the impossibility of fixing meaning in the novel.