Chronotope of modern fairy tale


  • Vildana Pecenkovic University of Bihac, Pedagogical faculty



chronotope, fairy tale, space, time


One of the specifics of the oral fairy tale is its chronotope, which Vladimir Propp defined as onedimensional, in which space and time are indefinite, and the world of the miraculous and the real coexist in the same dimension of space and time. The indeterminacy of time and space in fairy tales has remained until today, however, in contemporary fairy tales, outlines of concrete space and time appear more and more often, so that the author's fairy tales change the chronotope in accordance with contemporary social circumstances. Chronotopes of a certain city, village, contemporary life and time appear, so it can be concluded that the change of chronotope in fairy tales is one of the specificities of contemporary fairy tales. The concretization of the chronotope of the fairy tale leads to the violation of one-dimensionality, which brings the narrative of the contemporary fairy tale much closer to a fantastic story. Examining the chronotopes in contemporary fairy tales, two ways of forming the narrative can be observed: retaining the chronotope of the oral fairy tale and the formation of a contemporary chronotope that is close to fantasy.