Students' thoughts on proverbs


  • Lejla Ovcina University of Bihac, Pedagogical faculty
  • Sanja Soce University of Sarajevo, Faculty of educational sciences



proverbs, values, students of the Faculty of Teacher Education


Proverbs are very interesting, important and complex language structures.They are strong and effective instuments used to propagate one nation's cultural standards, moral values, manners and ideas. It is significant that they are also used to form a complete language statement which contributes to the conversations or it is used for speech act performoming in the different speech situations.Very often they contain universal human values because of interwoven wisdom and hidden veil of truth. This was the main reason why they were chosen as a basis for this reserach done together with the students of the Faculty of Teacher Education. It is considered in this research their way of thinking based on their own life experiance.