The heroes of Krajina in the epic songs of Ćamil Kulenović


  • Rajla Kurtovic-Kasic University of Bihac, Pedagogical faculty



oral literature, epic poem, the identities of epic poet from Krajina, interculturalism


This paper focuses on the epic poemby Ćamil Kulenović, the epic poet from Krajina. We will emphasize there presentation of identities of the epic heroes of Krajina in Ćamil Kulenović’s poems; how they are presented in his poems, their psychological characterization, interpersonal relationships, relationships to female subjects, as well as how interculturalism is manifested in them. Furthermore, the interpretation of Kulenović’s poems will prove thath is poems belong to theoralepic tradition of Krajina with its specificity: epic ambience, objective and subjective dimension, duels, Krajina heroes, weddings, abductions, use of books, describing, detailing, clichéd beginnings and endings, established formulas, repetitions