Measuring instruments and quality of student achievements


  • Enisa Golos Pedagogical institute Mostar



measurement, measuring instruments, student achievements, quality standards


The paper discusses the quality and methods of measurement of student achievements in the first grade in secondary education. It addresses questions such as what needs to be conducted in order to perform a correct measurement, why it is important to measure the achievements, who the obtained results are for etc. These are only some questions the paper aims to answer. Furthermore, the paper analyzes the teachers’ role in the core process of the quality measurement of student achievements as well as their role in the process of preparing students with the aim of achieving the designated and set quality. Our focus in the paper is on how the standards are defined, who participates in the process of creating the standards, who approves them, and finally how the validity of the set quality standards is measured since the teaching process quality standards have been in the center of interest lately. Finally, we analyze the impact of input results and whether it is important to plan methods of teaching and learning in accordance with the input results in order to achieve better output results.