Style-linguistic characteristics of title in Bosnia and Herzegovina press


  • Amela Bajric City library Travnik



journalistic style, headlines, stylistic-linguistic instruments, lexic, functions of headlines


It seems completely impossible today to imagine life without mass media. The development of modern technologies has made mass media available to everyone. Mass media, in our case the press, sometimes try to interest and excite their users with their sensational headlines, sometimes make them think, and sometimes even entertain. However, it is very important to keep in mind that each medium shapes the message according to its own language, and an integral part of the languages of the mass media are usually different stylistic and linguistic means. Following earlier analyses of journalistic style, this paper will offer a stylistic-linguistic analysis exclusively of titles, as important and recognizable features of journalistic style, whose task is to be particularly effective in provoking the reader's attention and therefore can appear in the form of rhetorical questions, phrases, already established journalistic templates, etc. , which reflects their expressiveness. In addition, the analysis of the headlines of daily newspapers from the territory of bosnia and herzegovina (osloboenje, nezavisne novine and dnevni list) confirmed that on the phoneticphonological level, for example, there is a difference in writing foreign names, i. E. Names of clubs, awards, proper names, etc. Among these three newspapers, that on the morphological plan, verbs are most often used in the present and future, that the superlative forms of adjectives are often represented, that syntaxic, lexical-semantic figures are used that give the title a stronger, stylistically colored meaning - elliptical sentences, metaphor , metonymy with, of course, an unavoidable lexicon of foreign origin where anglicisms and latinisms dominate, along with some words of oriental origin, and among the dominant functions of the titles are referential (informative), popularistic, expressive and aesthetic.