Interest and involvement of students in teaching


  • Emina Kapic Pedagogical Faculty, University of Bihac


student, teacher, interest, motivation, involvement


This empirical research addresses the interest and involvement of students in teaching. The standardized instruments were used in the research: UN - Student interest in teaching and UUN - Student involvement in teaching. The research was done on a sample of 120 students of IX grade of elementary schools. The aim of the research was to examine the impact of students ‘interest in teaching on students’ involvement in teaching. A one-factor analysis of variance explored the impact of student involvement in teaching on students’ interest in teaching. A statistically significant difference between total involvement and individual dimensions of involvement (emotional, cognitive and social) was found on students’ interest in teaching. The impact of the interaction is also significant for students’ interest in category teaching (low, moderate, and high interest) on overall involvement and its individual dimensions of engagement in teaching with respect to gender and success. The impact of the interaction is significant only for the separate influence of gender on students’ cognitive involvement in teaching.