Correlation between students success and the style of teacher work


  • Arijana Midzic Pedagogical Faculty, University of Bihac


autocratic style, democratic style, free style, success, student, school, teacher


The paper presents the results of a survey conducted on a sample of 83 students from the first to the fourth grade of high school in Bihać. The introductory part of the paper discusses the styles of teacher work and the success of students. Within the theoretical basis of the research problem, the basic concepts and above mentioned research on this subject are defined Within the framework of the research methodology, the definition and significance of the research problem are stated: the theoretical practical and social significance of the problem, then the goal, tasks, hypotheses, subhipotheses, sample, research methods, instrument and calendar of research. Based on the collected data and their statistical processing, analysis and interpretation were made. The results show that each teacher has one of three teachers work style (autocratic, democratic and free style), and that there is a correlation between the teacher‘s grade of grades and teacher styles. According to the data, the most common style of work is the democratic style of work (70,90%), and the least represented style of work is the autocratic style of teachers (10,90%). The data showing the correlation between teacher work styles and students success at the end of the first semester, as well as the persistence of the difference between the pupils success in teaching with regard to the gender of the pupils, confirm a positive hypothesis. The obtained correlation coefficient (Hi squared) are statistically significant at the level of 5% (P <0,05).