The wellspring and estuary of poetry Over scattered sonnets of Hadzem Hajdarevic


  • Irma Maric Dzemal Bijedic UnIversity of Mostar, Faculty of Humanities


Hadzem Hajdarevic, poetry, sonnet, self-recognition, identity


The paper aims to point out the importance and uniqueness of the book of poetry The Scattered sonnet islands by Hadzem Hajdarevic. Not only renowned as one of the most remarkable poets of Bosnian contemporary literature, he was also known as an excellent novelist, essayist, columnist and publicist. Nevertheless he has excelled in the field of contemporary poetry as one of the most prominent Bosnian poets. In order to understand the essence of his sonnets, we must familiarize ourselves with the poet’s biography as it is deeply engraved in it. The poetry of Hadzem Hajdarevic is a powerful stream of words, the triumph of humanity, the endless metamorphosis in the search of recognizing ourselves and puzzling out the deepest and most hidden experiences which lie in us all.