Deconstruction of cultural-identity in Ivo Andric‘s novel "The Damned Yard"


  • Azra Icanovic Pedagogical Faculty, University of Bihac


hybrid identity, the space between, the opposition East-West, a political novel, stereotypical cultural representations


By placing Ivo Andric in the context of Western European tradition of Orientalism, the paper discusses the deconstruction of the cultural-identity stereotypes in the novel “The Damned Yard”. With the aim of showing that the stereotypical cultural divides are one of the mechanisms of political action by which he, through the attempt of monopolization of culture and construction of an eligible collective identity which van (and must) be accomplished as vassal, seeks to establish and/or maintain the absolute power, the paper, starting from questioning postcolonial opposition East-West in Andric‘s “Devil‘s yard”, is considering the hybrid identity of the protagonists of the novel and their confrontation with the repressive measures of the totalitarian regime as factors of degradation orientalist discourse and deconstruction of cultural-identity stereotypes. The paper leads to the conclusion that in the process of identity hybridization of Camil and Fra Peter and the proces of articulation of the identity, moral and existential drama of a man exposed to repressive measures of the totalitarian political system, all the difference between the characters, including those which are arising from cultural and civilizational division into East and West, are deleted and relativized.